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9' #8/9 wt., Titan™ Rod

9' #8/9 wt., Titan™ Rod

Another best seller and widely known as our all-purpose "salmon rod" and go-to salt water rod for fishing adventures worldwide. Cast this heavy weight rod through formidable winds and tough conditions with stunning accuracy. When you feel the nibble, this rod does not disappoint in the fight with its marvelous durability & strength.


This is your rod for salmon, other anadromous fish, and smaller saltwater fish like large striped bass, carp, and false albacore.


Paul Shultz Commentary:

"I probably use this rod more than any other after the #5.  I use it for Atlantic salmon and also for mahseer in India, and other larger fresh water species, but mostly I use it in all sorts of salt water environments.  It is great for bone fish, for striped bass, all other medium sized salt water species.  I use a #10 Bruce Chard line on it for dry fly (or close to surface) fishing and an intermediate for salt water, though on rare occasions I also use a sinking line.  On Dec. 1, 2013, a friend from South Africa with whom I was fishing was using this rod when he hooked a giant trevalley in the Andaman Islands in the Indian Ocean.  He was a superb angler, and though I feared the rod would break, he played the fish masterfully and was able to land the fish to the boat.  We weighed the fish at 21 pounds.  Whoopee!  Rod came though without a break. BUT  I really don’t recommend this rod for such a large and aggressive fish.  On the other hand, I have caught large fresh water species on this rod, including a 26 pound Atlantic salmon.  But fresh water species are somehow less stressing on a rod than salt."


    Length: 9'0" / 2.74 meters

    Weight: 5.1 oz / 145 grams

    Recommended Line Weight: #8/#9

    Recommended Use: Saltwater (freshwater duality) - large streams, lakes, oceans

    Recommended Catch: Salmon, bonefish, striped bass

    Pieces: 4 


    30 Day Money Back Guarantee

    • Products must be shipped within 30 days of purchase
    • Products must be in good condition
    • Client assumes all shipping costs

    10 Year Warranty

    • Rod replacements for any section ($99 - $119)
    • Valid within 10 years of purchase
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