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9' #11/12 wt., Titan™ Rod

9' #11/12 wt., Titan™ Rod

The grandfather and most powerful rod in the ADG Titan Series, the 11/12 wt. is our Tarpon rod. This rod is capable of providing a world-class experience in fighting giant trevally, large tuna,  carp, mackerel, and smaller bill fish.

Whether you're battling in balmy Key West winds, tropical Costa Rica, or the exquisite Yucatan Peninsula, the 11/12 wt. is your best friend in saltwater gamefish endeavors.


Paul Shultz Commentary:

"I have used this rod extensively and it is a great rod! I can cast a #12 line so far with this rod, even I am impressed. I have used this rod a lot for tarpon and for giant trevalley, and other large SW species. For that type of fishing I think it is really great. I use Bruce Chard’s #12 floating line mostly, but sometimes also use various intermediate lines. Fabulous rod, but only for very large SW species.


    Length: 9'0" / 2.74 meters

    Weight: 5.6 oz / 159 grams

    Recommended Line Weight: #11/#12

    Recommended Use: Saltwater (freshwater duality) - large streams, lakes, oceans

    Recommended Catch: Tarpon, giant trevally, large tuna, mackerel, smaller bill fish

    Pieces: 4 


    30 Day Money Back Guarantee

    • Products must be shipped within 30 days of purchase
    • Products must be in good condition
    • Client assumes all shipping costs

    10 Year Warranty

    • Rod replacements for any section ($99 - $119)
    • Valid within 10 years of purchase


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