7'6" #6/7 wt. Titan™ Rod

7'6" #6/7 wt. Titan™ Rod

A shorter profile rod with heavy weight capability, this rod is the ideal high-powered tool for very small, brushy streams against larger trout/medium bass. Highly versatile, its stout build and heavier weight offerings allow the rod to be used in light, close-range salt water fishing.


Paul Shultz Commentary:

"The 7'6" 6/7 wt. is a phenomenal good close-quarter bass rod or a rod for using the “bow and arrow” cast, in small streams covered with much foliage. Unique rod."


    Length: 7'6" / 2.29 meters

    Weight: 3.7 oz / 105 grams

    Recommended Line Weight: #6/#7

    Recommended Use: Freshwater & saltwater - medium streams, lakes, light saltwater

    Recommended Catch: Medium-large trout, medium bass

    Pieces: 3 


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