• Customer Reviews

    Our customers love fishing with our rods!

    Terry Shultz

    "I picked up a 5 wt and immediately was casting 20 feet farther than with the other brand. Wow! I tried the 5, then I moved to a 7/8. What control, what distance, what sensitivity!"



    "To own a Titanium Rod is to have a new love affair, and one that is most satisfying! I look forward to many years of enjoying the Titanium rods I own and will purchase in the future."
    Terry exclusively fishes with ADG products. Check out Terry's reviews and fishing expeditions here: www.shultzexpeditions.org

    Joe Dickey

    "ADG's 9 ft 5 wt Titan fly rod is the best fly rod I have ever used in 35 years of fly fishing. The titanium gives this rod a feel like no other. The smooth yet powerful action makes casting effortless.


    "I believe ADG has made a significant development that will surely elevate fly fishing to a new level of performance and enjoyment."

    Kristinn Bogi Antonsson

    "The 7/8 and 8/9 are excellent for salmon fishing. They are powerful but also sensitive so you always have good feeling about what's going on at the other end. These rods beat big salmon easily and my feeling is that the fish never has a chance against the rod. Yet its sensitivity gives an entertaining fight against arctic char and trout."



    Stephen Skvarka

    "The tip of the ADG was the most impressive of all. It had plenty of spunk to quickly set on a hit whether I was chuck and ducking with very heavy weight or swing with a 7 wt weight forward line. The strength and power in the butt section was unbelievable and the tip section bent just enough to absorb the hard runs. I have always used a Loomis Concurrent 9 wt 10 foot rod on all of my prior salmon experiences, but to my delight the short ADG Titanium Fly Rod had even more power when side pressure was applied…Last spring I hooked 7 Steelhead and landed all 7 in a Lake Erie tributary with this amazing rod. What fly rod and what a memory! Kudos to David Ahn and his engineering design in this short fly rod."


    Bruce Wilks

    "Over the last 3 weeks, I have used my ADG 8' #3/4 wt. Titan fly Rod to fish for some big rainbow trout in the Guadalupe River tail water in Central Texas. I have owned this rod for 11 years and still fish with it, along with my other 5 ADG Titan rods.


    This 8' #3/4 wt. Titan fly Rod is one of my favorite fly rods and I have caught an estimated 1,600 fish with this rod, including trout, black bass, smallmouth, Guadalupe bass, white bass, striped, hybrid bass, Redfish, speckled trout, carp, smallmouth buffalo, and many sunfish.


    I overline my 3/4 wt Titan with 5 wt. fly line to throw heavy nymph rigs, and big streamers when I am stalking big trout.This rod allows me to easily cast 3/4/5 wt. line to match many fishing conditions and species, so lets me focus on catching more fish due to their ease of casting, sensitivity, feel, accuracy and durability."