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I chase fish from the Amazon to the Antarctic, I tend to put fly rods through the most adverse conditions. Rods have to load quick, be nimble and rugged enough to handle big fish in heavy water. ADG never lets me down.

Chris Bailey

Host @ Reel Outdoors TV

ADG titanium fly rods are truly a fly rod that has been designed for the serious fly fisherman, if you want to feel ultimate control and extreme power in a rod so light that you can fish all day the choice is simple, any fly fisher who is looking for the highest quality fly rod that will out perform all expectations of even the most seasoned fly fishing angler look no further. ADG titanium fly rods, try them once and you will be hooked for life! I know I am!

Jim Siarakas

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Don Hanselman.jpg

The ADG Titanium Fly Rods are the best of all fly rods.. Action casting and very sensitive to the feel

Don Hanselman

Avid Fly Fisher & Long Time Customer

I have been fishing ADG Titanium fly rods for many years and have never found a rod that casts with such ease, is so strong as well as light weight. In my opinion no other rod I have owned casts with such ease and yet has so much power in the butt section for fighting large fish. Whether casting size 24 tricos dry flies, short line nymphing with heavy weight or heading out to fish steelhead, salmon or redfish, I always fish ADG - I own 5 of them.

Steve Skvarka

Partner @ Kinzua Fly Fishing School

Steve Skvarka.jpg

"The first time I fished an ADG titanium fly rod was 2003 when I met David Ahn in Labrador.  These rods are sensitive, delicate and powerful and they make every cast effortless.  They have been my go to rods ever since, whether fishing for great lakes steelhead, big rainbows and salmon in Alaska, high alpine lakes and streams in Colorado, or spring creek fishing on central Pennsylvania limestone streams. I have been fly fishing for 50+ years and no other rod I own casts as effortlessly and has the power these rods have.  I am hooked for life."

Joe Dickey