• Our Story

    Established in 1999 in Denver, Colorado.


    David Ahn always dreamed of revolutionizing the fly fishing industry. He dreamed of a way to make fly fishing easier and less tiring. So in the early 1990s, he developed an idea to integrate a solid titanium wire into fly rods to make casting easier. He theorized that the flexible quality of titanium would allow for the rod to bend more with the equal energy exertion someone would use on a regular fly rod. In 1999 my father solidified the idea that would become the world's first titanium fly rod and founded ADG Titanium Fly Rods. He delivered the worldwide product launch at the 1999 International World Expo and years later, he would secure the first US patent of a titanium fly fishing rod.


    Today, we offer premium fishing products that will enhance our customers' fishing experiences by introducing a more lightweight, flexible, and funner fly rod. We are a family run business based in Denver, Colorado.