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Engaging, affordable, effortless fly fishing

ADG Titanium Fly Rods is the leading developer in titanium powered fly fishing.


We create the world's only titanium fly rods, which offer casters durability, flexibility, and sensitivity, making every cast feel effortless. Best of all, they're affordable.

With 30+  countries reached and 20 years of business experience, our rods are the golden standard in today's new age of fishing. Offering over 10 collections, come find a rod that suits your experience and interests.

Starting at $269

Unparalleled performance you've never had before


US Patented Titan™ Technology that leverages your casts


Greater sensitivity with flexible, 180° bending capabilities


Salt & freshwater application versatility 

ADGFish Titanium Fly Rod Design Cross Section

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Product Spotlight: 

9' 5/6wt.

For your versatile, all-around, must-have rod in your collection, the 9' 5/6 wt. is a crowd pleaser. Enjoy this rod on streams, wide rivers, and lakes across the world. Has the delicacy to control drifts but power to reach the furthest river banks. Designed to be THE all-purpose trout rod for light presentations, dry flies, nymphing, and streamer fishing. Versatile enough to entice other pan fish such as bluegill, perch, and all bass types. 

This rod is our best-selling rod since the company's inception!


Best Selling Rod

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All Trout, Bass, warm-water gamefish 


Streams, Lakes




4.2 oz/119 grams


10 year warranty

New to fly fishing? Let's find a rod

Shop by Water Type

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Warm Water Game Fishing


Freshwater Fly Fishing


Money back guarantee

10 year warranty

Need a replacement section?

Accidents happen - order a new section today.


What Our Customers Say

Chris Bailey.jpg

I chase fish from the Amazon to the Antarctic, I tend to put fly rods through the most adverse conditions. Rods have to load quick, be nimble and rugged enough to handle big fish in heavy water. ADG never lets me down.

Chris Bailey - Utah, USA

Host @ Reel Outdoors TV

The ADG Titanium Fly Rods are the best of all fly rods.. Action casting and very sensitive to the feel

Don Hanselman - Texas, USA

Avid Fly Fisher & Long Time Customer

Don Hanselman.jpg
Steve Skvarka.jpg

I have been fishing ADG Titanium fly rods for many years and have never found a rod that casts with such ease, is so strong as well as light weight. In my opinion no other rod I have owned casts with such ease and yet has so much power in the butt section for fighting large fish. Whether casting size 24 tricos dry flies, short line nymphing with heavy weight or heading out to fish steelhead, salmon or redfish, I always fish ADG - I own 5 of them.

Steve Skvarka - Pennsylvania, USA

Partner @ Kinzua Fly Fishing School

"The first time I fished an ADG titanium fly rod was 2003 when I met David Ahn in Labrador.  These rods are sensitive, delicate and powerful and they make every cast effortless.  They have been my go to rods ever since, whether fishing for great lakes steelhead, big rainbows and salmon in Alaska, high alpine lakes and streams in Colorado, or spring creek fishing on central Pennsylvania limestone streams. I have been fly fishing for 50+ years and no other rod I own casts as effortlessly and has the power these rods have.  I am hooked for life."

Joe Dickey - Pennsylvania, USA

Avid Fly Fisher & Long Time Customer


With having over 55 years of Fly Fishing experience and having the rare opportunity of growing up with the evolution of fly rod designs, ADG Titanium Fly Rods are by far the best fly rod I have ever fished. I'm amazed with the Ultra Light Weight (can cast all day without getting tired), casting ability, unbelievable Strength to land very large fish well above its weight class and is a rod that must be Experienced to appreciate its High Quality. All my other rods are in storage and I only fish with ADG from now on.

Jeff Conover - New Jersey
Owner of JAC Fly Fishing LLC

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